FAQ for Food Laminated Packaging Materials

How do I choose the correct materials?

Please refer to our quotation page as our materials are all customized to your product types, processing methods, shelf life expectation, printing requirements, packing weight etc. Feel free to contact us for free consultation and mock up samples.

How do I choose the correct packing machineries?

You need to figure out your expected output per day, the packaging format, the packing weight, the level of automation, your budget etc. Feel free to contact us for free consultation and quotations.

How do I determine number of colors?

Most of the artwork designers use CMYK as these are the 4 main process colors in 

What are the costs involved for the new packaging printing?

The packaging costs involved printing artwork design fees, printing materials type & minimum quantity as well as the printing cylinders.  Average budget for new printing is about RM9,000 to RM13,000 depending on the materials and number of colors. However, we have surface print option that can cut quantity and costs by half.

What is the average completion time for the packaging materials?

The processes involve artwork confirmation, engraving of printing cylinders, printing process, lamination process, curing, slitting/ bagging and delivery. Generally it takes about 5 to 6 weeks but can be shorter if materials are common stocks.

What is SPPlas’s strengths comparing to other printers?

SPPlas is the ONLY packaging materials supplier that provides 6M solutions namely Materials + Machineries + Mock Up + Make UP + Minimum and Methods. In shoft, SPPlas gives you convenience, solutions and options.

How do I place order?

Upon receiving your Purchase Order and deposit, we will process your artworks and do color separation. A digital color proof hard copy will be sent to you to final check on texts details, dimension, bar codes, colors. Amendments still can be made before the cylinder making.