Basic information required when recommending a film structure

1. Application (Form fill seal, Frozen, Vacuum, filter paper, Shrink, Sticker etc)

2. Package content (Powders, Granules, Liquid etc)

3. Package format (Roll or Pouches, preferred format-3 side, center, stand pouch etc)

4. Pack Weight

5. Package Dimension

6. Number of colors

7. Anticipated shelf life (current shelf life and new goal if desired)

8. Filling temperature & Post filling heat treatment, if any

9. Storage and shelf temperature (ambient, chilled, or frozen)

10. Any required features (printing, easy peel, easy tear, zipper etc)

Process & Typical Lead Time

Process Lead Time (days) Printed Laminated Films Bottle Shrink Label Sugar / Creamer (Paper) Sticker Label
Artwork Drawing & Approval 7~14
Color Separation & Final Approval 3~7
Cylinder/ Plate Making 7~10
Printing 1
Lamination / Gluing 1~2
Slitting / Bagging 1~2
Delivery 1~2
Basic information required for us to recommend a suitable film structure. Please have this information ready or you may get our free consultation and mock up.

Quotation Form

Dry FoodsFrozenVacuumFilter PaperShrinkSticker


RollPouch3 sides4 sidesPillowStand PouchCenter Seal + Gusset


PrintingEasy peelEasy tearZipper